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Fly Fisherman Magazine Jan/Feb 2010

Fish Head
Designed by fly fishers for fly fishers, FishHead ($6.99, fishheadapp.com) is the handiest fishing application for your iPhone that we’ve tested so far. The app bundles weather, tides, and river flows into a slick, easy-to-read format for real-time localized knowledge at your fingertips. The information is organized by location and, using a simple search engine, allows you to tap into USGS stream and river flows, plan a trip around prime tides, and scant the latest weather conditions. General data is displayed onscreen in three parts, with a “details” button to access specifics such as trends, forecasts and graphs. The app also lets you save up to 20 tide and 20 river locations as favorites. FishHead is available from the iTunes App Store.

Mac Noble Manager Fish First, Chico Ca
“I’ve been on the Delta 3 weekends in a row and had lots of opportunity to use the tide charts and weather for the delta. For stripers in tidal water, knowing the tide is crucial for finding fish. Positioning myself in the right spot at the right time made the difference. Now I am transitioning from stripers to steelhead. I will be on the Klamath, Sacramento and Trinity for the rest of the year. Having weather, moon phase and river flows will help plan the right time to be on the river. No wasted fishing trips with FishHead!”

Ralph Cutter (Author of Sierra Trout Guide and Fish Food and Fly Fishing Instructor) "VERY cool app guys! I am amazed how quickly it acquires stream flows. Very elegant and intuitive interface. I think you hit a home run."

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